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Are The Trails Dry Yet?

A partnership beer from Town Square Brewing promoting responsible trail use


Our juicy pale ale is here to remind you of one thing: don't ride on wet trails! We know you're itching to hit the dirt, but trust us, it's not worth it

Think of all the mud caked on your wheels, the splatters on your face, and worst of all, the damage to the trails.

That's why we brewed this refreshing beer, infused with a citrusy and tropical hop profile, it's the perfect brew to enjoy while waiting for better riding conditions.

So sit back, crack open a can, and wait for those trails to dry out. Your bike, your clothes, and the trails will thank you.



Edmonton Trails

We are proud to partner with the Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA), a group of dedicated volunteers who maintain and advocate for the single track trails in the Edmonton River Valley & area.

Edmonton soils and singletrack trails are clay-based. That means they get pretty mucky when they are wet and are easily damaged if they are ridden OR walked upon. We encourage all trail users to be mindful of the trail conditions and avoid trails that are too wet to ride OR walk.

Are The Trails Dry Yet? If your bike or shoes sink in and leave marks, we encourage you to not use that trail that day. There are lots of awesome gravel and pavement paths in the city to explore when the trails are too wet to ride.

Our Project Partners

Sustainable use of trails is a community effort. Are The Trails Dry Yet? is a project led by community members in the mountain bike community. 

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