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We are Offbeat

Delivering complete event management packages & the Event in a Box

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Our Services

Offbeat by design,
custom to you.

Introducing the Event in a Box: Event management, infrastructure & customizable event services

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Design Your Event

Events Done Differently

Create an engaging and memorable experience that is uniquely you! We work with you to help take your idea and make it a reality. Start the conversation with us today!


Weddings & Private Parties

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Business Events & Teambuilding

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Festivals & Community Events

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Sporting & Recreation Events

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Upcoming Events

Offbeat, Unique, Unexpected

We specialize in events of all sizes that are a little different from the ordinary, usual or expected. Check out our upcoming projects that create the best possible well-rounded experiences.

Our Experience

Events Done Differently

Events are a great way to highlight brands: Here is who we have worked with:

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